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Friday, February 20, 2004
why Progger?

I’m an Iranian blogger and my name is Hossein Emami .I’m journalist and PR pro. I work at Export Development Bank of Iran. (www.edbi-iran.com). I am PR assistant in the part of Internal and International affairs. (Media Relations, Website, Newsletter,…)

My Blog name is “Ravabete Omoomi” or (public relations) in Farsi (Persian) and I am first Iranian person that a specialized blog made about pr. My old blog was: “http://hemami.persianblog.com” I started it about 17 months ago. (October 2002)

Now there are 5 active bloggers in Iran write about PR.

I write about Media, electronic public relations, journalism, Information communication technology (ICT) etc.

In Iran, the weblog is developing and Iranain people are interested it very much. For example Mr. Abtahi who is the vice president Khatami in the parliamentary affairs has a blog: http://www.webnevesht.com

Also I have made a blog for EDBI.( http://edbi.persianblog.com). Of course EDBI is the only bank in Iran that it has a blog. (EDBI is Ex-Im Bank of Iran). I know the Guardian, google, times have weblog but I don’t know in the other country if the organizations such as Banks, company… use a weblog or use only website?

I’m going to start an English blog, possibly and I write about PR in Iran,…

I prepare to answer your questions about Iran (PR, Blogging…)

and finally, why Progger? Progger is abbreviation Public Relations (PR) and Blogger. of course I didn't have seen to use this word and I think it is first time.

Posted at 11:51 pm by progger
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